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Engine Origins

Enfusion represents 20 years of experience in game engine development packaged into a powerful toolset.

Merge of Real Virtuality and Enforce Engine

It fuses the clear architecture, portability, and user friendliness of the Enforce Engine with the scale, multiplayer capabilities, and simulation depth of the Real Virtuality Engine.

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Key features

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Flexible, scalable, fully multi‑platform

While Enfusion excels at building large, open world games, it’s meant to serve as a universal engine. That’s why it can support any type of game across all major platforms.

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Looks good, runs better

Enfusion uses up-to-date rendering tech and multi-threading wherever possible. The new Enforce Script is faster, more capable, and much better at memory utilization.

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All the tools, for all creators

Materials, textures, animation, sound, UI, localization - Enfusion’s tools cover the full creative spectrum of modding and game development.

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Built for online

Everything in Enfusion is made for today’s online game worlds. The toolset includes access to backend online services and is built around a rich client-server architecture.

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/A look at the future of our games

We're building Enfusion to power our next generation of games - including Arma 4. These games are not quite ready yet, but here's a sneak peek at what you can expect.

Believable worlds

A world powered by Enfusion should immerse you completely. Instead of flexing with cutting-edge graphics technology, our focus is on making environments more believable. That includes everything from proper lighting across day / night cycles to grass and trees moving in the wind or the simulation of stars illuminating a dark sky.

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Peak performance

Games built with Enfusion will run much better than before. We want your 16-core PC Master Race builds to sweat, but we also want to make sure everyone can enjoy their content across various builds and console generations.

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Enhanced experience

Arma and DayZ are complex sandbox games that allow you to create your own fun. Games built with Enfusion can offer the same degree of complexity but with a much better user experience thanks to streamlined controls, improved UI, and smoother animations.

Extensive moddability

Like to customize your gameplay with mods? Enfusion games enable you to manage and discover mods directly in-game and enjoy thousands of hours of fun exactly the way you want across all major platforms.

Image of Realistic World Rendering #2
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