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Engine Origins

Enfusion represents 20 years of experience in game engine development packaged into a powerful toolset.

Merge of Real Virtuality and Enforce Engine

It fuses the clear architecture, portability, and user friendliness of the Enforce Engine with the scale, multiplayer capabilities, and simulation depth of the Real Virtuality Engine.

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Key features

Scalable platform Illustration

Flexible, scalable, fully multi‑platform

While Enfusion excels at building large, open world games, it’s meant to serve as a universal engine. That’s why it can support any type of game across all major platforms.

Scalable platform Illustration

Looks good, runs better

Enfusion uses up-to-date rendering tech and multi-threading wherever possible. The new Enforce Script is faster, more capable, and much better at memory utilization.

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All the tools, for all creators

Materials, textures, animation, sound, UI, localization - Enfusion’s tools cover the full creative spectrum of modding and game development.

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Built for online

Everything in Enfusion is made for today’s online game worlds. The toolset includes access to backend online services and is built around a rich client-server architecture.

Choose your experience

We’re building Enfusion for every creator out there

Whether you’re looking to create a brand new game, a cool new terrain, or simply change how a few assets behave, we want you to have all the tools you need right at your fingertips.

The Enfusion Workbench

The Workbench suite offers you the same powerful set of tools that our own developers work with.

Image of Realistic World Rendering #1
Image of Realistic World Rendering #1
Image of Realistic World Rendering #1

Everything you need

You don’t have to license any specific software to create assets. Free or open source apps like Blender fit right in with Enfusion workflows. Everything else you need is available in the Workbench.

Image of Realistic World Rendering #1

Industry standards

Enfusion was built with current industry standards in mind. For example, you can use existing FBX models in Enfusion and apply PBR lighting to them. If you’ve used other engines in the past, then Enfusion’s interface and tools will feel very familiar.

Image of Realistic World Rendering #1

Support for legacy content

We know how much you value your assets. That’s why we'll be releasing a tool that will help you adapt your existing P3Ds to Enfusion's standards.

Image of Realistic World Rendering #1

Workbench plug-ins

Enfusion’s Workbench supports custom extensions in the form of plug-ins, allowing you to customize your workflow to your own specific needs.

Image of Realistic World Rendering #1

Object oriented scripting language

The Enforce script is faster and more capable than SQF. It connects directly to the engine across all of its components.

Let your creativity flow

Enfusion lets you focus on creation. That’s because everything you need to build game worlds and terrains is available in a single streamlined toolset. By using vector data and pre-built generators, you can automate a lot of tedious work and speed up the world building process significantly.

Image of Realistic World Rendering #1
Image of Realistic World Rendering #1

Embrace modding

To complement Enfusion's development toolset, we're also building a proprietary modding backend that will help players discover and download your mods and creations. We're planning on embedding our own workshop solution directly into our future games across PC and consoles, making it fully multi-platform, but also platform-independent.

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