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Engine Origins

Enfusion represents 20 years of experience in game engine development packaged into a powerful toolset.

Merge of Real Virtuality and Enforce Engine

It fuses the clear architecture, portability, and user friendliness of the Enforce Engine with the scale, multiplayer capabilities, and simulation depth of the Real Virtuality Engine.

Real Virtuality Engine Timeline of products
Real Virtuality Engine Timeline of products

Key features

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Flexible, scalable, fully multi‑platform

While Enfusion excels at building large, open world games, it’s meant to serve as a universal engine. That’s why it can support any type of game across all major platforms.

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Looks good, runs better

Enfusion uses up-to-date rendering tech and multi-threading wherever possible. The new Enforce Script is faster, more capable, and much better at memory utilization.

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All the tools, for all creators

Materials, textures, animation, sound, UI, localization - Enfusion’s tools cover the full creative spectrum of modding and game development.

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Built for online

Everything in Enfusion is made for today’s online game worlds. The toolset includes access to backend online services and is built around a rich client-server architecture.

Choose your experience

We're building an engine that will power the next two decades of Bohemia's flagship titles.

Creativity, Community, and Curiosity have been our core values since Operation Flashpoint was released in 2001. Our mission today is to create a modern and robust engine that will enable modders and developers to embrace these values in their everyday work.

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Designed with experience

We've been making game engines for over 20 years. That experience translates into a conservative approach when it comes to engine architecture.

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Developed with C/C++ and HLSL

We like to keep things simple and standard whenever we can, so the languages and conventions used will feel familiar to a seasoned engineer.

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Avoiding the 3rd party bugs

We made our own engine in order to maintain control, which is why 3rd party libraries are used carefully. Bullet physics and the Qt framework are major examples.

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Built for the online age

Our engine uses an online backend for user created content that’s built with various technologies like Java, Node.js, Rust, Couchbase, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Meet the makers

Want to become part of our mission?

We're a hard-working team of 30 developers building technology for millions of users. But our goals and ambitions don't prevent us from maintaining a healthy work-life balance. If you have the skills or the hunger to learn them, we’d love to hear from you!